Philson uses painting and photography to explore the intersection of the figurative and the abstract. He experiments with technique, textures, and medium in an aim to resolve the infinite and the contained. Philson’s canvas paintings are windows where the currents of composition and pattern continue beyond the edges of the canvas. He challenges the boundaries of the canvas not to contain. Conversely, he paints bodies – skin is the canvas. The body’s curves and contours are contained and singular in form, but infinite since there is no edge, no beginning, no end in the round. Here Philson challenges the very definition of figurative representation, the human form, by denuding the body of the familiar with abstraction.

In only three years, Miami and New York City based artist, Phil Shapiro, aka Philson, has had seven solo exhibitions and he has participated in nineteen group shows. Philson has had commissions for Rivergate Company, Avatar Development, Sotheby’s Realty. His paintings and photographs are in collections in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Denmark. He has painted since he was seventeen years old. Shapiro graduated from Indiana University, Bloomington, with a Bachelor of Science in 2016. He has applied the rigor of science to his process as a counterpoint to the role of chance and accident in the creative process. 

-Kevin Alexander

Curator, New York City 2019