American painter and photographer Phil Shapiro, known in the art world as Philson, has a unique eye for color and a yearning for vitality displayed in his work. Seeing the world both through the eyes of a child and maturing adult are among the distinctive traits of this engaging artist. His liberated, eclectic stream of thoughts and emotions, each driven by his exuberance are evidenced by his art. His keen understanding of color and artistic techniques shown in his painting and photography underscores his variety of projects.

Phil’s passion for painting and photography, and drive for improvement, causes him to ensure that each and every piece reaches its maximum potential. His massive abstract works show maturity beyond his years – visually tantalizing the viewer with dramatic, vibrant, organic shapes calling to us in a language of their own. His canvas scenes pop out with great intensity, effectively blending a variety of patterns and textures that please the eye and satisfy the mind. Phil's photographs are projections of his mind pasted onto the marvel of the human form that skillfully incorporate the aspects of color, texture and depth.

Phil is in tune with his senses on an emotional level, allowing for a capacity for serious and venturesome works following inventive traditions of some of the great masters. Phil is not one to stick with a particular style and constantly incorporates new inspiration into his pieces. His diversity and variety of skill as an artist are difficult to come by. The connection between his abstract and figurative pieces is simply unique. He now continues his work in Miami, Florida doing what he was born to do – work to create imaginative and enduring works of art.


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